Mill Road

Stoke Holy Cross Mill c.1901 (Pic.A.Postcard).

Grade 2 listed.

The famous Colman's Mill.

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c.1907 (Pic.A.Postcard).

At about this time the "Flood"

c.1911 and the old ford crossing has been replaced with a road bridge.



Several years later and the locals still used the old ford area.

c. 1920. (Pic.A.Postcard).

c. 1915. (Pic. Nick Elsey).

Mid 1980's a rear picture of the mill.(Pic.Mike Fordham).

Headrace side of the mill.

Aerial view of the rear of the mill, August 2006, showing the tailrace.

(Pic. copyright Mike Page).

1949 and in the foreground is ploughman Rodney Clarke.

Rodney was a prominent cricketer for Poringland during the post war years.

(Pic. Linda Bollingbrook).

Sluice gates/headrace controlled the flow of water from the mill pond .

(Pic. Anne Barber). 2007.


The west side, May 2010. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

The Mill from the front in May 2010.(Pic. Mike Fordham).

The Blue Barn, a gunsmiths, during renovation as a domestic dwelling May 2010. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

The Ice House renovation August 2021.

Enjoying the summer near Semmon's Corner on the river Tas.

L-R; Charlie Lemon, Roy Goodwin, Stanley Prior and David Clark in front. (Pic. Janet King).