Abbots Farm

Abbot's Farmhouse, pictured in 1919, and taken when the Birkbecks Estate was auctioned off.

(Pic. R.Gooderham).

This aerial view, looking north, was taken in 1931. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1923 .Off to market.The cart in the foreground had pigs and the other cart had cattle for the market.In the picture L-R; Roger W Kidner Snr., A.Student, Max Kidner, A.Labourer. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

Erected and pictured in 1917 this Silo was built by Jewsons of Norwich. The silage (a mixture of oats, vetches and green maize) was used as animal feed. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1923 . The farms horses on parade in the stable yard. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1931, Victor Mann and horses cutting grass - hay making. (Pic. Derek Bales).

William (aka George) Elsey repairing a Bamford Royal mower whilst working as a carpenter at Abbots Farm c.1932.

The cottages in the back ground were demolished in the late 1970's. (Pic. Nick Elsey).

1946 and Roger Kidner, left,and Fred Curtis show how the milking used to be done. The farm invested in milking machines in 1947 (Pic.Roger Kidner).

Boxing Day 1947 the shooting party in the farm yard.

L-R; Roger W. Kidner Snr., Tich Kelf, Gerald Mitchell, Hugh Page, Walter Page, and Jimmy Frost. (Pic. Roger Kidner).

Sid Seaman and Maurice Ritches at work ? 1947. (Pic.Derek Bales.)

This ones for the Health and Safety of the day.The year is 1948 and this 1939 Commer lorry is ready for the London markets (Spitalfields and Covent Garden). The produce would have been cabbages and lettuce.

NOTE!! The jack ,at the rear of the vehicle,was used overnight to support the vehicle and relieve the rear springs. (Pic. Roger Kidner).

The same year ,1948, and Gwen Bales and Monica Harris are seen 'muck spreading'.

(Pic. Derek Bales).

6th June 1960.

Abbots Farm in September 2011. (Pic.'s Mike Fordham).

March 2018, snowed in.