Women's Institute

Poringland W.I.c.1933 at the Old Rectory. (Pic.Gerald Smy).

Back Row L-R; Polly Briggs, Mrs.G.Kidner, Mrs.Trendell, Mrs,Woolnough, Mrs.Ted Tubby, Mrs.Alice Balderstone, Mrs.Chipling, Mrs.Hardesty, Mrs.Davey, Mrs.Taylor, Mrs.Durrant.

2nd. Row; Mrs.Frost, Mrs.Critoph, Molly Taylor, Mrs.Jack Tubby, Mrs.Palmer, Margaret Taylor, Miss Burrows, ????, Mrs.Clibbett, Mrs.Peake, Mrs.Tom Hardesty ???? , ???? , ???? , Mrs.Tubby.

3rd.Row; ???? , Mrs.Frost, G.Taylor, Mrs.Taylor, ???? , Mary Taylor, Mrs.Mitchell, Mrs.Ben Burgess, Mrs.Page, ???? , ???? , Mrs.Lenny Press, Brenda Press, Kitty Brown.

Front Row; Mrs.Potter, Mr.Mitchell, Mrs.Tubby.

Another outing to the "seaside" .This time in 1948.

Back row L-R;- Mrs.Wythe, Mrs.Hunt, Mrs.Mitchell, Mrs.Press, Mrs. Moyes (and daughter Margaret).

Front row L-R :- Mrs.Downing, Mrs.Potter, Mrs.Hull, Mrs.Garrod.

(Pic.Lily Gooderham).

Flo Skedge's birthday.

W.I. meeting 10th. Dec. 2014

Back Row L-R;- Pam Cooper, Jean Gowing, Veronica Brett, Sam Mosedale, Jenny Herne,

Carol Hurren, Sue Hinsley, Sue France, Maggie Widdowson, Ann Webster, Sue Smith,

Mary Stancer, Liz Bussey, Jean King, Lesley Sanders, Shirley Gray, Maureen Rogers, Ann Cranmer.

Front Row ;- Bridget Durrant, Nina Fairman, Diana Davey, Jean Waters, Ann Ewing, Laura Watts, Gail Mays, Hilary Lark, Joan Fountain.

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