West Green and Farm

West Green Farm and pond pictured in 1920.

Situated close to the pond was the site of St.Michaels Church which was demolished in 1540. It is possible that stone from the ruins was used in the construction of the 16th.century farmhouse.

Farm house and St, Michaels Barn Grade 2 listed

West Green Farm, 2012. (Pic. Richard Goooderham).

West Green Farm looking from the yard towards the pond. This picture was taken in the early 1920's, when the poultry breeding was developing. (Pic.Roger Kidner)

Left. Charles, Mother, Sidney, Father and Lily.


The Hunt family c, 1914. Charlie, Sidney, Henry and Alice, .

Farm workers house situated on The Green.

This picture shows Mrs.Gladys Eastell at the door in 1935.

(Pic.Brenda Whitehead).

Aerial picture of the farmhouse (on the left) and the poultry sheds taken in 1931. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1930. The harvest is in and now the threshing machine gets to earn its keep driven by the Internatioal 10/20 tractor. The men here are threshing wheat - this can be determined by the weights on the scales. Wheat -18 stone, barley -16 stone, oats -15 stone. This scene is on what is now the car park at the Play Barn. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1930, and Victor Mann is hay making at West Green farm, employing two Suffolk Punches.

(Pic. Derek Bales).

November 1936 and these workers are talking over the new Unemployment Insurance (Agriculture) Act. Seated, in the centre, is Charlie Moras explaining details of the scheme to his fellow workers. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1941, The War Years, and the pea harvest is being prepared for the London markets. Tying the sacks, on the left, is "Tich" Kelf and Jimmy Bacon. The young lad on the lorry is Des Hardesty. Note that the address of the farm is blanked out. (Pic. Roger Kidner).

1942,the local Land Army are seen tending the potato crop. From left to right are; Eva Hardesty, ???, ???, ???, Edie Whiting and May Crickmore. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1947 and modernisation takes over. The first combine harvesters in the area are sweeping through the fields at an incredible pace. "Pip" Frost is at the helm and George Herrell is driving the tractor. The trailer was made by F& J Edmunds of Poringland. Brian London is keeping an eye on things from the back of the trailer. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

1948 and this lorry, loaded with wheat, is destined for the depot of Eastern Counties Farmers at Ipswich. At the wheel of this Ford lorry is Roger Kidner. (Pic.Roger Kidner).

Saint Michael's Barn (Play Barn)

The Play Barn, chidren's entertainment area.

Converted and extended farm buildings as seen in this aerial picture in August 2007.

(Pic. copyright Mike Page).

Grade 2 listed buildings have now been restored and used as an activity centre. Below part of barn before restoration. (Pic. R.Gooderham).

The Grove

Opposite West Green Farm is The Grove. This old farm house has now been renovated and was once farmed by the Potter family.

(Pic. R.Gooderham).

The Grove as at was in 1972.

Edward and Emma Marie Potter.

The Potter men making hay 1936. L-R;- George, Edward(father), Edward, Charlie, Cyril, Dougie.

The Potter Family , L-R;- Cyril, Muriel, Edward, Rosie, Teddy, George, Charlie, Eileen, Dougie. Pic. 1938

May with Cyril 1936.

Crescent Carnival with Charlie.

Dougie retired to Rectory lane in 1985.

DECCA Navigator station

Beyond West Green, on Shotesham Road, is the site of the former Decca Navigator station. This operated from 1946 until 2000.

The site is now a private residence.

Aerial view of site.(Picture Google Earth).

The pylon pictured in 1994. (Pic. Derek Bales).

The Operations Room February 1949.

Mr. L.Young, shift engineer, in conference at the desk with Mr. A. Mears, the engineer in charge of the station, while Mr. H. Dutson is busy at the transmitter control units in the operations room at the Decca Navigator Co. Ltd. 'slave' radio station.