The Swan public house

The Swan public house showing part of The Street looking north. c.1909. (Pic.A.Thurlow).

C.1916 and note the extent of the Village pond. (Pic.G.Smy).

Compare with the picture left, this one taken 2007. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

Outing, possibly from The Swan, c.1950.

Some of the names L-R;- Annie Dicks, Carol Dicks, Molly Dicks, Gerald Smy, Mrs. Smy, Terry Farrow, Gladys Eastell, Ernie Eastell (on bus), Derek Smy(baby), Christine Eastell, ................ Mr. & Mrs. Farrow, 'Shunter' Eastell, Michael Dicks, Peter Tubby,Donny Farrow, Ellen Farrow (son Colin), ...........................


The Swan outing to Skegness 1952.

L-R.;- ??????, landlord Finley, EdieHerrell,JimmyHerrell,

Daphne Herrell, Joyce Davy, Brenda Herrell, ?????.

(Pic. Lynn Gooderham).

A small group of regulars in 1955 . L-R Freddie Balderstone, Jimmy Hull, Mr.Finley(landlord), Doug Potter, Dora Finley, unknown.

1956 More locals pose for the camera.

L-R; 'Tiny', Rita Hills, Mrs.'Tiny', Tim Crane, Lily Burrows, Barbara Crane. (Pic.Des Taylor).

This picture was taken in 1959. (Pic.Henry Pye).

Pictured at the bar of the 'Old Swan', are L-R;- ...........Whiting, Barbara Crane, Tim Crane (landlord),Joe Spruce, Sugar Tubby. (Pic. Arthur Tungate).

1961 and the landlord is seen with some of his customers. L-R; unknown, Barbara Crane, Sugar Tubby, Tim Crane(landlord), Joe Spruce, unknown. (Pic.Terry Spruce).

The old Swan was demolished in 1966.

The bar in the then new Swan c.1963.

Landlord Tim Crane is third from the left and his wife Barbara is first on the left. The other couple are holiday reliefs. (Pic.Barbara Brown).

The Swan and the Bakery 1986.

(Pic. Adrian Fordham)

This view was taken in 1994 from the Church tower. (Pic.L.Fedden).

This picture taken in 2002. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

The Swan and renamed Old Grumpy's after the new landlord Roger Roper in 1996.

Jo Britton sets out the tables. April 1997.

Chef Paul Luckett gets ready in the kitchen. April 1997

2007 and renamed as Zaks at The Swan with a partial transformation to an American diner. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

March 2010, and the transformation is complete. All reference to The Swan has been dopped and now known as Zaks. (Pic.R.Gooderham).