The Street - "East Place"

East Place looking up The Street in 1916. (Pic.Eric Noble).

Above the scene in 1960.

The scene in 2011. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

The cottage on the left is Willow Cottage (68 The Street). This was home to the Thetford family, well known in the village.

The road next to the "conker" tree (out of picture, see below) was known as Thetford's Loke -- now called Heath Loke.

The 'conker ' tree at the entrance to Heath Loke. (Thetford's Loke).

The Thetford Family c.1916. Back Row;- Robert, Phyllis, Russell, Amy, Neville. Middle Row;- Alan, Robert (father), Susannah (grandmother),Ellen(mother), Freda, Front Row;- Raymond, Gerald. (Pic. Jennifer Thetford

Neville ran a woodyard and reed fencing business in Heath Loke.

The Street scene looking south in c.1937.

(Pic. R.Hindle).

The scene in April 2017. (Pic. R.Gooderham)

Heathgate to Heath Loke .

Dr. Sampson showing off the new surgery.

Summer of 1994

Winter of 2008.

East Place, in The Street, was built in 1825 and originally consisted of two blocks of four cottages. In 1920, when Jarrolds of Norwich photographed the local villages and issued postcards for sale, Mr.Chapman, the shop owner, sponsored these cards for Poringland. Hence "Chapmans Series", with the J prefix refering to Jarrolds. Mrs.Chapman and her dog can be seen in front of the shop - look at others in the series and Mr.Chapman and dog can be seen. The block of four cottages on the left were demolished in the early 1970's.

The shop at East Place when J. Critoph was the owner in about 1916. Joseph was also a corn and malt dealer. (Pic. I. Wilson).


(Pic.Eric Noble).

East Place in 1920. Note Mr. Chapman and his dog near the fence. He is talking to Daisy Redgrave. (Pic.G.Balderstone).

East Place in 1960. Left the block of four tenement labourers cottages of Charles Spruce.

Right, the other block showing the shop, still with the wartime blackout porch.

(Pic. John Hindle).

Doric Stores as it was in 1971.

The shop was owned then by Eric and Doreen Smith.

The shop closed in early 1980. (Pic. R.Bond ).

East Place in 1987. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

Mr. Elmer outside his house at East Place in about 1920. Note the sign(right) over the front door. Mr.Elmer was a local boot and shoe maker. (Pic.Gil Elmer).

Mrs.Bowman outside her house at East Place in 1933. Ivy Parker, front left and the 'Cordy's' also in the picture. (Pic.Ivy Parker).

Ronnie Bond, The Butcher, started the business in 1932 and had a small shop where no.75 The Street now stands. Sadly no known picture exists. A purpose built shop was opened in1936 in the bungalow now known as Goodfellas Barber Shop, opposite East Place. Ronnie retired in 1974 and his son Roger carried on until he retired in 1999, when the business closed. The premises was then used as an Estate Agents before becoming a Gents Hairdressers. (Pic.Roger Bond).


Pictured in 1958 inside his butchers shop is Mr.Ronnie Bond. (Pic.Roger Bond).

1992, and son Roger celebrates 60 years in business for the family butchers.

The Butchers Shop after a facelift in 1982. (Pic.Roger Bond).

1986. (Pic. Adrian Fordham)

Now Goodfellas Barber Shop after conversion in 2008. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

Renovation of the cottages, next to the Royal Oak. 1986.

Pic. Adrian Fordham).

Also opposite East Place stood "Kitty Browns". This bungalow, actually called "Woodview", was demolished and replaced by chalets on the corner of Sunnyside Avenue. Mr.Walter Brown and his wife Kitty lived there in 1954. His 1949 Ford Prefect can be seen in the drive. (Pic.John Hindle).