The Royal Oak

A few yards up The Street from East Place is The Royal Oak. This picture dated 1897, shows the building with two ridges to the roof. The roof was redesigned to its present layout in 1942. (Pic.Percy Rush).

Another view also 1897. (Pic.Percy Rush).

1945 showing the new roof design. Although the caption states East Street on this postcard view the road has always been called The Street. (Pic.John Mills).

The street scene Feb.2015.

(Pic. R.Gooderham).

1935. Lenny Press the Landlord of The Royal Oak.

1935. On the right, Mrs.Press, landlady of The Royal Oak, and daughter Brenda enjoy a day by the sea. On the left is Mrs.Spruce and daughter Josephine. They lived at Oak Farm next to The Royal Oak. (Pic.Ivy Kirkby).

Meeting outside The Royal Oak in 1945. The three gentlemen on the left are not known and the next man is Fred Parker with Hyman Barnes and Jack Kirkby on the right. (Pic.Ivy Kirkby née Parker ).

An aerial view of The Royal Oak and its immediate area as seen in 1969 The car park and the field behind are now Spruce Crescent. (Pic.John Howlett).

1983 and you will still recognise the sign and cottages that are depicted in the 1897 picture. (Pic.Lynn Gooderham).

The Royal Oak in 1986 (Pic.Mike Fordham).

1966-1974 and John & Doreen Howlett were at the helm. Seen here with "Moxey" the labrador. (Pic.John Howlett).

A few cows were kept at the back of the pub and were fed the daily slops from the bar by landlady Doreen, seen here in 1967. (Pic. Doreen Howlett)

Stoke Holy Cross Radar Veterans outside

The Royal Oak. The May 2009 reunion.

(Pic. Derek Bales). New Pic. 11/2

The Royal Oak with the now attached Fish and Chip shop. Recognise the "milestone/bench mark" stone which is near the bus stop? look at the back of the stone and you will see that its other use was as a step-up for horse riders in earlier years - see next picture. (Pics.Mike Fordham).

The stone repainted in July 2012 by the W.I. (Pic. L. Sanders).