The Footpath

The Village Hall in 2006.

In 1919 land was donated to the village by Mrs. Birkbeck, who lived in The White House in Upgate.

A resolution was passed on the 6th.January 1919 and the Trustees purchased an old army hut from Langley.

An extension to the hall was built in 1939 - "The Mens Club Room".This later extension was collected from Thetford and erected by Frank Taylor. Opening ceremony was performed by the Rev Edwards.

The very small room at the back was used as a Doctors surgery both during and after the Second World War.

See also Poringland Parish Council (Pic.R.Gooderham).

Aerial view of The Footpath c.1987. (Pic. Jean Waters).

This wedding picture was taken during the war years of local couple Josh Cooper and Joyce (Eva) Tubby.

The reception being held at the Village Hall.

L-R standing;- Barbara Grice, Mr. Cooper, Sidney Parker, Henry (Ted) Tubby, Daphne Parker.

L-R seated;- Mrs.Cooper, Josh Cooper, Joyce (Eva) Tubby, Florence Tubby. (Pic. Barbara Brown née Tubby).

Coronation 1953 and Queen for the day was Merle Harris, seen above with her attendants, left Jean Lake and , right, Pat Lake. (Pic. Merle Clark).

(Clipping Geoff Balderstone).

The parade was led by this band. (Pic. D.Spruce).

Local theatre enthusiast, Joseph Williams, would produce shows at the Village Hall during the 1950's early 60's.

On stage here in 1957 are ;- L-R, Jean Tubby, Jean Porter, Jill Cole, Jackie Barber, Jenny Cunningham, Josy Edmunds, Margaret Hunt, and Eileen Lemon. (Pic. Jean Porter).

The Good Companions met at the Village Hall and below celebrate an anniversary event 1959. Some of the names L-R;-

Martha Cameron, Mrs.Bligh, Gwen Skedge, Chris Utting, Mrs. Parsley,Mrs. Blanchflower, Kitty Brown, Reggie Blanchflower, Mrs. Ratcliffe,Mrs.Goddard, Bill Cameron, Mrs. Lacey, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Frost.

On holiday at Caister Holiday Camp 1959.

The Good Companions/Mothers Union on a visit to Brooke Church.

Some of the names L-R;- Mrs. Everson,....,Rosie Newson, Mrs. Davidson, Martha Cameron, Ann Blyth, Mrs. Watts,....., Mrs. Hurren,......,

Eva Spruce, George Sillett, Wilfred Spruce, Minnie Rankin, Gladys Eastell,

Mrs. Smy,......., Gladys Parker, Mrs. Morgan, Mabel Mutton, Margy Pitcher, Kitty Brown,......,......., Kath Whall, Elsie Skeet,......., Lily Gowing, ....., Mrs Lea, Fred Lacey, Mrs. Lacey.

Mothers Union Oct 1984

These villagers are off to the Tramps Ball at the Village Hall in 1964. (Pic. Peter Harvey).

L-R ;- Peter Harvey, Nell Harvey, Florence Pullinger, John Pullinger.

Outside the Village Hall in March 1974 and the ocassion is the General Election.

In the centre is the Rev, David Moll with Mrs. Margaret Elsegood and Janet Smith to his left.

(Pic. E.E.N. ).

Local singer Norma Wick, above, and her 'Singers', pictured at the village hall's75th. anniversary. (Pic's. Peter Harvey).

Used as a drop-in meeting room the Village Hall in October 2012.

Pictured here is the Archive Group in the fore ground holding it's October meeting.(Pic. Mike Fordham).

Pre school class at Village hall celebrate the Queen's 90th. birthday.

10th.June 2016. (Pic's Mike Fordham).

Peter Fawcett helps his mother-in-law cut the cake. (Pic's Les Berwick).

Residents of The Footpath celebrate The Queens Jubilee with their own party in the Village Hall.

Residents enjoying the occasion.

The Footpath is the road leading to the Infant and Junior School and to the Memorial Playing Field.

Seen here before the road was adopted by the local authority. In the picture and ready for school are the Fawcett family, L-R ; Gillian, Alison and Shirley. (Pic.Mrs.Fawcett). c.1962.

The scene , 2015.

(Pic. R.Gooderham).

The Footpath during the winter of 1987. (Pic.Les Berwick).

This view was taken in 1963 from the bottom of the garden of number 12 The Footpath, looking south.

By 1965 this view was obliterated by the houses in Springfields. Note the landmarks;- A , The gardeners cottage at No.79a The Street and B All Saints Church.

(Pic. Jennifer Thetford).

The dedication of the War Memorial on the 1st.August 1948.

The memorial has been relocated to the leisure garden near All Saints Church. (Pic.Gladys Spalding).

The Memorial. Hand made by Frank Taylor of The Forge. (Pic.Mary Mallett).

See also War Memorial page.

This scene in Feb.2015. (Pic. R.Gooderham)

This extension was built in the spring of 1998.

Tug-o-war on the playing field in 1948 - believed to be part of the opening ceremonies.

On the rope, front to back ;- Jack Eastell, Charlie Burrows, Andrew Spruce, Bertie Eastell, Jimmy Wilson.

Cycle Speedway on the Memorial Field in 1948. Ready to "go" at the tape, are L-R; Terry Spruce, visitor Bergh Apton, Ally Parker, visitor Bergh Apton. (Pic.Des Taylor).

Another day and Seething are the visitors. L-R; Des Taylor, visitor Seething, and about to part company from his cycle is Ally Parker. (Pic.Des Taylor).

Poringland Cricket Club 1952.

Back Row L-R;- Peter Gooch, Bob Hagon, Lofty Green, Ward, Martin Balderstone, Dennis Cushing.

Front Row;- David Page, Rodney Clark, Geoff Hardesty, Jack Hollis, Kenny Sidell.

See also The White House.

Pre season friendly between local lads in 1959.

L-R. John King , Ronnie Parker and Robin Page.

(Pic. J. Hindle).

The Rifle Range, in 1965,was in the far corner of the Memorial Field. Now demolished.

( All pictures David Cordy).

Below the scene in March 2015. (Pic. R. Gooderham)

Members of the Rifle Club 1956.

Back Row;- Mr. Aldridge, Mr. Amies, Peter White,

Front Row;- Brian Buller, David Cordy.

( All pictures David Cordy).

World Masters(Gold) badge awarded to David Cordy, with a score of 39 8/10ths. out of 40 bulls.

Programme for the Village Fete on Saturday 5th. July 1958. ( G. Balderstone).

Bowling for the Pig. c.1960.

L-R;- Ted Pitcher, Lenny Press, William Howlett, Joe Taylor, Mervyn Taylor.

Karl 'Wimoweh' Denver opens the village fete in 1962. Seen ,left, with Eileen Nolan and Jackie Theobald.

On the right Richard Gooderham looks on. (Pic.'s Jackie Theobald).

Much later, at the village fete in 1965, and on the rope this time is;- F-B Ken Smith, Pat Nolan(3rd), Tommy Greensides(5th). (Pic. Jane Goodyear).

The village fete 1965.

The boxer boys are Adrian Harvey and Stephen Pullinger.

( Pic. Peter Harvey).


Young Wives fancy dress L-R;-

Peggy Emms, Sylvia Hardesty, Muriel Dye, Nell Harvey.

Nigel Harrowing (kneeling) with younger brother Mark. Rodney Pye behind.

Philip & Susan Meazey , David & Stephen Pullinger

Helen Mutton on the left

The entrance to the Playing Field after the storms of 1987.(Pic.Tony Porter).

Car park resurfacing 2002.


Built on land at the end of The Footpath this was a quiet day, before the opening in September 1967.

(Pic. Mrs Malt).

March 1973.

The School gates 1982. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

The Staff in 1973; L-R. Supply, Supply, Mrs.Durrant, Mrs.Price, Mr.Ackhurst, Mr.Milne, Mr.Birch, Mrs.Gough-Cotterill.

Front row; Supply, Supply, Mrs.Mills, Mr.Boast, Mrs.Hopkins, Mrs.Malt, Mr.Jones. (Pic.Mrs.Malt).

Building work now replaces mobile class rooms that have been installed over the years. Feb. 2015. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

Class rooms nearing completion April 2015. (Pic.R. Gooderham).

1977 and the School celebrates The Queen's Jubilee with a party in the school grounds. Supervising at this table is Mrs.Malt. (Pic.Mrs.Malt).

1978. The P.T.A. Summer Fete.

On the rope are ;- R-L, Martin Waters,David Sherwood, Russel Flatman, Jim Broadbent, David Dowe.

George Waters ,and others , in the ladies netball tournament. (Pic. Jean Waters).

1978. The P.T.A. Summer Fete.

1979 . The pancake race.

1981, Mrs. Malt retires.

June 1993. Winners of an Electricity competition with their entry.

L - R; Caroline Ray, Aisha Wright, Tasha Williams, Kimberley Meek, Maria Wilson.