Sunnyside Avenue

Vera Hindle with Sons Russell and John outside the bungalow known as 'Sunnyside' 1942

Walter Dicks and daughter Vera.

(Pic's. Eileen Hindle)

Jack Hindle and Vera with his 1935 Triumph 7.

Mr. & Mrs. Coe who lived at no.1 during the 1940's.(Pic. John Walker).

Steven Whiting on his motor bike in Sunnyside Avenue in 1951.(Pic. Derek Bales ).

This paraffin delivery wagon would have been a familiar sight during the 1940's.

The tanker deliverd paraffin to Sunnyside Avenue on Tuesday afternoons

at about 4.15 p.m.

Sunnyside Avenue in the winter of 1987.

(Pic. Mike Fordham).

Sunnyside Avenue 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).