Rectory Lane

1912. Sgt. Charles Revel - Burroughs is home on leave from India. Staying with his brother Herbert ,"Finnie", at 3 Rectory Lane. He had signed on, in Norwich, for 12 years service, 24 April 1906, giving his age as 18 when he was actually 16 years old. Charles was later killed in action at Le Touret, France on 25th. October 1914. Aged 24 he was serving with 1st. Batt Nfk Reg.

Although born in Poringland, 23 Sept. 1890, and before he enlisted, he resided in Brooke where he worked and was engaged to local girl Jessie Ellen Sayer.

Commemorated on the memorial at Le Touret and on the village memorial in Brooke church yard.

Also in picture are; L-R; Herbert's wife Jane "Jenny,"one of Charles sisters, two children, and Jane's mother, Mrs.Elizabeth Thurlow, who lived in Upgate. (Pic. Des Taylor).

Grade 2 listed .

Letter of condolence from the Norwich Branch

of the United Ass. of Ex- Naval & Military Civil Servants.

Receipt for 1 years rent for the cottage.

The cottage in August 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

c.1916 and the boy in the picture is Herbert 'Bob' Burroughs, believed to be the same boy in the previous picture. This picture taken at the Thurlows house in Upgate. His sister Alice is on the left and Grandmother Elizabeth on the right. (Pic.Anne Barber).

c.1917. Herbert is pictured here with his younger sister May and older sister Alice, back at no.3 Rectory Lane. Porch Farm is in the background.(Pic.Anne Barber).

1940 and Troop Sergeant Major Herbert 'Bob' Revel-Burroughs is seen outside Buckingham Palace after receiving his D.C.M.,awarded for engaging four Dornier 17's on the afternoon of May 15th 1940 at Montbre in France. Their gun position had only one 3.7 inch gun and one Bren gun. Despite being machine gunned his section managed to down one plane, damage another and the other two changed course and flew away from the position.

Died as the result of a training accident January 20th.1943. whilst serving with the 21st.Battery, 70th light Regiment, Royal Artillery.

(Pic.Des Taylor). Text from archive compiled by John Hindle.

The inscription on the rim reads;-



D.C.M----Distinguished Conduct Medal. Contrary to what may be implied by the term DCM it should be remembered this medal was awarded to NCO's and other ranks and was second only to the VC.

Left, Herbert pictured in 1925.

Pictured during his service in Hong Kong.

(Pic's. Anne Barber).

Married in 1931 to Elsie Collins in Woolwich. They had two children Lilian and Edward.

NOTE. Visitors to this page should be aware that the family used three formats for the surname spelling.


Herbert 'Finnie' Burrows of 3 Rectory Lane, seen here with the spring lambs of 1940.

Herbert was the shepherd for Porch Farm.

(Pic. Anne Barber).

Herbert with his daughter Edith in 1960. His old shepherds hut is now used as a shed in his garden at no. 3 Rectory Lane. In the background is part of Taylors Forge. (Pic.Anne Barber).

c. 1938, Huby Spruce delivering milk to 3 Rectory Lane. (Pic. Terry Spruce).

The Dell, Rectory Lane.This picture was taken in c.1904. The trade sign was for Tom Utting - see below.(Pic.Herbert Johnson

Mr. Tom Utting and his wife Elizabeth who lived at The Dell. Tom was the local painter, glazier and paper hanger. Served on the Parish Council and also as the Parish Constable for many years. (Pic.Herbert Johnson

Tom and Elizabeth c. 1934. Tom and Elizabeth Utting had five daughters.

L-R;- Myra, Adelaide, Helen, Rose and Elizabeth. (Pic. L.Winterbone).

For a part of the Utting family tree go to . For more on Tom's father click.

More on the Utting family by Linda Winterbone.


The Dell celebrating in 1937. Mr. Charles & May Chapman at the doorway

(Pic. David Cordy).

Charles & May Chapman, with Mrs. Ella Cordy, centre, 1951

The Dell as it was in 1987. (Pic.Mike Fordham).

The Dell in September 2011.(Pic. Mike Fordham).

Opposite the Cemetery a Loke leads up to 31 Rectory Lane (Hill Cottage).

29 Rectory Lane pictured in 1960. Built by the occupier, Mr. Theobald.

(Pic. Jackie Theobald).

The Cemetery in July 1981.

During the 1960's this was home to Hugh Page - market gardener. This aerial view was taken in the summer of 1964.

Most of the land for the market garden is now the Elizabeth Road residential area - see the maps right.

(Pic. Hilary Tate ).

This map is from the early 1900's

Map of 2010,

1940 and Dolly Taylor is seen in Rectory Lane. Stand outside the cemetery and look back towards the Church to fix the location. (Pic.Des Taylor).

Rectory Lane, at the entrance to Saint Mary's Road, as it was in 1948 looking towards what was known as the Heath. The small Gospel Hall stood here, just off picture. (Pic.Des Taylor).

The Mission Hall from a water colour by Arthur Tungate.

Moved to Carr Lane when demolished in the 1960's.

The scene March 2015. (Pic. R. Gooderham).

Another sporting day in 1916.

Russell Taylor, on the left, with Ted and Blanch.

(Pic. Des Taylor).

This picture was taken outside nos.64-66 Rectory Lane in 1916. On leave from duty are L - R; Russell Taylor and Neely Taylor.

The white gates in the background lead to Jack Tubby's house.

The same location in March 2013. (Pic. Richard Gooderham).

Family day out summer 1936. (Pic. Des Taylor).

L-R. Top row;- Doreen Taylor, Lily Burroughs, Edna Twite, Kate Taylor, Fanny Taylor.

Bottom row;- Arthur Dalton, 'Neely' Taylor, Truman, Russell Taylor, Stan Taylor,

Truman, George Taylor, Harry Drake and Tessie Drake.

1938 Russell's wedding. L-R;- Harry Drake, Russell and Elizabeth, Neely Taylor.

1946. At the Heath.

Des Taylor and Lily Burroughs.

Cornelius 'Neely' Taylor and son George astride his BSA motorcycle at the Heath in 1939. (Pic. Des Taylor).

Doreen and George Taylor 1939. Doreen married Eric Smith and later ran the Royal Oak public house. (PIc. Des Taylor).

Russell (Rully) Taylor cultivated most of the land at the Heath, seen here in 1970. Russell was a "Jack of all Trades" as seen by his invoice below. (Pic.Des Taylor).

The land (The Heath) that Russell made a living from. Now called All Saints Road and St. Andrews Close, with the early part of Saint Mary's Road in the background. (Pic's Des Taylor)

The wooden bungalows that are situated on the corner near where no.53 now stands.

( Pic.Mike Fordham).

55 Rectory Lane, built in 1963 for Roy & Gwen Leathers. Still in residence in 2013.(Pic. Roy Leathers).

Rosebery Avenue, off Rectory Lane , in 1973. (Pic.Friths).

c.1936. In the back ground are the old cottages that stood near where

60 Rectory Lane now is. Relaxing after the hay making are Top;- Huby Spruce.

Front L-R ;- Beattie Spruce, Joe Spruce and Barbara Spruce.

Barbara later married Tim Crane and they ran The Swan public house.

(Pic. Terry Spruce).

Before being demolished in the late 1960's this house stood near 69 - 71 Rectory Lane. (Pic.Terry Spruce).

The Old Rectory.

The Old Rectory in 1933 was the home of Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell. (Pic.John Wiggett).

The Old Rectory c.1933.

'Max' Sebald.

In more recent times the Old Rectory became the home of the Sebald family.See . Also 'GOOGLE' W.G. Sebald for

a mass of information on this internationally acclaimed author.