Poringland School

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This picture shows the school after an extension built in 1899.

The picture would probably be c.1903.

( Pic. Anne Barber).

An early picture of The School c.1905.

Although the school is actually in the parish of Framingham Earl it has always been known as Poringland School. Some of the local elders will tell you that the boundary was changed but we can find no evidence to support this. The boundary is the same as it was in 1805 (The Enclosure). (Pic. Herbert Johnson).


The School House c.1908, the Headmasters residence and situated just into Long Road.

Opposite the School House were the gardens used for gardening lessons. (Pic.John Wiggett).

1908 postcard with different people.

The old School House pictured December 2017.

(pic. R. Gooderham courtesy of Mrs. Slater).

The class of 1937. (Pic.John Mills).

The School in 1961. (Pic.Mrs.Elvin).

The Old School 2017.

A break from lessons. These boys are seen at the 'School Pit' at the Fiveways, in 1942.

L-R ; Des Taylor, John Leech, David Dicks, Gerald Taylor, Keith Webster, Geoffry Cushing. (Pic. Des Taylor).

1954 and these girls take a break on the railings round the 'School Pit'.

L-R;- Sheila Barnes, Eileen Lemon, Gloria Garrod, Olive Goddard, Madeleine Bales.

(Pic. Lucy Livett).

Extracts from the school register 1939 - 1945 (click here).

More information on the School Pits.(Click here).

This picture was taken in 1967 before the move to The Footpath site.

Subsequently demolished and replaced with domestic dwellings. (Pic.Mrs.Malt).

As the village grew an annexe and canteen were provided down Long Road, during the late 1940's,and was situated between the School House and the water towers.

The annexe in 1965. (Pic. Peter Harvey).

The residential development that replaced the 'Annexe'.

(Pic. R.Gooderham ).

School magazine for 1953 (S. Wilson).

School magazine OPEN DAY (G. Balderstone) .

School magazine for 1958 ( G. Balderstone).

1986, (Pic. Adrian Fordham).

The school as it stands in 2012. Previously used as a Photographic Lab. and then a Printing works, see above.

It is now used as a Conference and Celebration Centre, The Nightingale Centre.

(Pic's Richard Gooderham).

Separate entrances for the girls and boys.

The writing on the wall.

Summer 2017 some rear out buildings are demolished and an extension built.

November 2017.

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