Hillside -- called Hillsite up until about 1972.

Also known as 'White City'

Hillside soon after construction in the early 1930's. (Pic. David Cordy).

Gladys and William Goddard in 1940. (Pic. Lenny Goddard).

Standing at the back of Hillside looking across to the Railway Tavern are the Cordy children.

L-R ;- John, Thelma, David, Rodney , Peter and cousin Tanya Dickinson.

(Pic. David Cordy).

David and John cutting down an overhanging tree outside their house in1950. (Pic. David Cordy).


Aerial view of Hillside and the 'Lakes', taken in March 2010. Also in the picture, extreme right - centre is the site of the 'Old Mill'. (Pic. copyright Mike Page).

Behind Hillside are situated the old sand and gravel workings. Pictured here in 1943 are some local lads and girls and personnel from the R.A.F. Stoke Holy Cross radar station using the pits as a bathing area.(Pic.Derek Bales).

Some of the names in these pictures ;- Evelyn Harvey, John Winterbottom, Arthur Bailey, Vic Hewitt, and Elizabeth Sullivan together with some local children.

Compare this picture with the one ,left, this was taken from the same place in 2010. Notice how the old workings have developed into a conservation site. (Pic.Derek Bales).

The Summer of 1945 and the local children enjoy the cool waters.

In the foreground is David Cordy with centre, Rodney and John Cordy and Thelma Cordy standing on the platform. (Pic. David Cordy).

1947. L-R;- Ivy Parker, Roy Parker, Gladys Parker and Betty Parker. (Pic. Ivy Kikby ).

The scene, above, Dec 2014.


Looking west from Hillside the area looked like this in 1960. Pictured having a swim is Glen Elwin. (Pic. Barbara Elwin).

The view in March 2017. (Pic's R.Gooderham).

This scene was taken in 1973. (Pic.Gail Goodyear).

This view March 2014

The view in March 2017. (Pic's R.Gooderham).

The following pictures show the site as it was in 2010. ( Pics. M.Fordham and R.Gooderham).

A conservation site managed by local volunteers. Minutes of first meeting ,5th.September 2002, of the Lakes Committee click HERE.

Looking south in 2010.

Looking south, but in 2017. (Pic's R.Gooderham)

Feb 2018.

March 2019.

The scene from The Lakes

Looking south Jan 2020. (Pic,s R.Gooderham).


Developers ,west of the Lakes, punctured the underlying clay sub soil and the lakes lost 3 feet of water. Water levels on 15 September 2012. (Pic's. R.Gooderham).

The developers have tried to plug the 'hole' and have had limited success. Water loss has been stopped but the levels are not as they were, and are still 2 feet below what they should be . A re-stocking of fish that had to be removed took place on 7th.March 2013. Ray Noble and Rod Witham hard at work. (Pic's. R.Gooderham ) )

The' plugging' of the 'hole' was not successful and on 24th.July 2013 fish were removed to a deeper lake.

The water levels continue to fall. (Pic's Richard Gooderham).

Poringland Lakes now has it's own website. Go to www.poringlandlakes.co.uk

The Lakes were restored and on 12th.June 2015 were officially opened by Philip Makepeace, Norfolk Homes.

Secretary Rod Witham addresses the visitors and, right,

Philip Makepeace plants the oak tree to mark the occasion

Visitors talk to one of the fishermen.

(Pic's.Mike Fordham)