Fox Lane

The Manor House. Built in 1863 and originally called Framingham House, it was occupied by George Henry Christie a member of the famous auction house family. This picture is dated c.1912 and the Christie family still lived there. (Pic.A.Postcard).

1941/42. Evacuees from London enjoying the country air.

On the left is John Eels and his cousin John Cross and

John Eels with his cycle in the grounds of the Manor House.

(Pic's. John Eels ).

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The Manor House in c.1970. (Pic. Julie Kent).

The Manor House pictured in 2000 and had been extended by then. (Pic.Jane Goodyear).

Aerial picture of The Manor House about 2007.

(Pic. copyright M. Page).

The Old Rectory, situated at the end of Fox Lane on the cross roads.

(Pic. Julie Kent).

The Old Rectory October 1980.