Bramerton Lane inc. Loddon Rd.

Fisk's market garden in the mid 1930's. Mr.& Mrs. George Fisk purchased the property from Mr.James Devlin, whose wife was Daisy Ashford the authoress.

(Pic.Ann Bond).

Daisy Ashford in 1919.

Famous for her first novel "The Young Visiters", written when she was 9 years old. The manuscript was in a red- covered exercise book and was full of spelling mistakes. Each chapter was also written as a single paragraph. It would be 25 years before the manuscript was rediscovered and eventually published in its original format. The book was reprinted 18 times in its first year and went on to be a stage play, a musical, and more recently a TV film. The original manuscript is held in the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library.

Opposite Bramerton Lane ,situated on the main road, is Highway Nurseries seen here in Oct.2006.

(Pic. copyright Mike Page).

Also on the main road is Woolner's Bridge, below. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

Click here to see Parish records for construction of bridge.

Further along the main road, opposite Gull Lane, is

The Gull public house.

This picture c.1970. (Pic. Julie Kent ).

These two pictures 2016.

This picture Feb 2018 during renovation. (Pic.R. Gooderham).

Market garden somewhere in Framingham Pigot.

The two ladies on the right are sisters -

Dorothy Wilson, kneeling, and Irene.