Norwich Road

Oaklands Farm Stores and Post Office in 1973, before the site was redeveloped.

1976 and the old Post Office gets a last lick of paint. It would be nearly 4 years before the first phase of the redevelopement was complete. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

Oaklands Farm house as it was in 1976.

It had stood derelict for two years and had to be demolished. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

1977 and the Farm house is demolished.

Wielding the sledge hammer is Stephen Eastell. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

1977 and the new house is nearing completion on the same site as the demolished farmhouse.

In the picture is Postmisress Mrs.Lynn Gooderham with John and Lisa. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

Building of the new Post Office commenced in early 1979 and by August had reached this stage.

It would be another year before the first stage of the project was complete. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

The first stage was completed and the grand opening was performed by Lady Mayhew on the 11th. August 1980. Admiring the handiwork are John Howlett, Lynn and Richard Gooderham with Lisa and John . .

Demolition of the old Post Office and shop begins, Sept.1980. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

After demolishing the old buildings phase 2 had reached this stage by June 1981. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

October 1981.

Completion of the second shop (Changerite) was in Feb.1982. (Pic R.Gooderham).

The shop / Post Office in 1993. (Pic. R.Gooderham).

The full view, 2015.

(Pic. R.Gooderham).

The cycle deliveries are about to change2015 (Pic. Mike Fordham)

Changed to the motorised scene above. (Pic. R. Gooderham)

Postal Staff over the years

See also Pigot Lane.

Mr King (left) and Mr Lemmon, postmen, during the 1950's and 1960's.

Peter Tubby, Billy Workman, Audrey Smith, Pat Ward

June 1982.

Ashley Elwin, Peter Tubby, Richard Gooderham, Lynn Gooderham and Marlene Smith. June 1985.

Richard Gooderham, William Thompson, Matt Evans,Peter Tubby, Alvin Thompson, Marlene Smith and Ashley Elwin. December 1987.

Marlene Smith, Alvin Thompson, Valerie Butchart, William Thompson, Ashley Elwin and Peter Tubby. December 1988

Ashley Elwin, Peter Tubby, John Tuttle, Marlene Smith, Alvin Thompson, Sheila Taylor. December 1990.

Peter Tubby, Marlene Smith, John Gooderham,

Sherri Rudd, Ashley Elwin, December 1995.

Peter Tubby, Marlene Smith, Alvin Thompson,

Dave Lodge, Ashley Elwin, John Tuttle

September 1996.

Framingham Earl High School

Framingham Earl High School, officially opened in November 1959, and was a replacement for the Poringland School. Click here for opening ceremony document.

However the old School remained as Infants and Junior for a further 10 years before moving to The Footpath. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

1959. The canteen staff.

L-R;- Mr.Borrett (caretaker), , Mrs. Davey, Mrs. Whiting, Jock Cameron (caretaker), Mrs. Peggy Tubby, Mrs. Workman. (Pic.Barbara Brown).

1962 The Girls Hockey Team.

Back row L-R ;- Jean King, June Baker, Shirley Nudds, Jean Caird, Elizabeth Cushing, Elizabeth Dack.

Front row L-R;- Linda Tubby, Betty Yallop, Sandra Lea, Susan Howard, Julia Cole, Joan Bush. (Pic. Joan Goddard).

The new music room.

The new sports hall was opened Oct. 2005.

This picture was taken in March during the construction. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

New controlled crossing installed Sept. 2015.

(Pic.R.Gooderham ).

Aerial view of the High School site, taken August 2005.

(Pic. copyright Mike Page).