Hall Road - Yelverton Road.

A sketch of Saint Andrews church by Robert Ladbrooke c. 1845.

Grade 1 listed building.

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Left, early photograph, 1860, showing conical roof.

(pic's. Ann Cooper).

Picture postcard dated 1907.

Unknown image from a postcard.

The Lych-gate was commissioned by Mrs. C. Turner, was made by local craftsmen and erected in 1889.

This picture shows two unkown children at the gate in c.1925. (Pic.Eric Noble).

The Lych-gate in the summer of 2011 .

May 1980.

The south entrance, locked, in 2012. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

The Chancel arch has Norman carving with zig-zag and crenellations.

The smaller arches each side are called 'squints'.

(Pic. Mike Fordham).

For details of baptisms and burials and plan of churchyard


Late 1800's

The North door. 2012

The South door. 2012

The North and South doors in 1818.

The war memorial in the nave.

(Pic. Mike Fordham).

Samuel was chief taxidermist at Norwich Castle Museum in the late 1800's.

(Pic's R.Gooderham).

1987. These large ancient trees were lost in the storms on October 16th.

(Pic. Jane Goodyear).

Michael Seaward, Rev. Hems and Col. Peter Palmer inspect the damage.

(Pic. Ann Cooper).

Another view of storm damage. (Pic. John Henson).

Winter 2010. (Pic.Mike Fordham).

Winter 2010.

(Pic.Mike Fordham).

Summer 2011.

(Pic. Richard Gooderham).

Aerial view of church September 2011.

( Copyright Mike Page.)

Situated between Yelverton Road and Gull lane, on the footpath, is the 'rest a while' seat, pictured here. The seat was erected by the parish council to honour Mr. Christopher Alston, in recognition for his services to the Parish Council for over 50 years.

Pictured here is Mr. Alston, with his wife Julia in 1999.

Threeways Junction in Feb 1979.

(Pic. Jean Waters).

Unearthed in 1984 these are the four temporary burial chambers of the 'Rigby Quads'. Click the above text for further information.

Also see Framingham Earl Hall below.

FRAMINGHAM EARL HALL ( now called Old Hall). Grade 2 Listed

The Hall, The stables etc.

One of the magnificent trees planted by Dr. Rigby (click here)

The bust of Dr. Rigby (Pic. Mike Fordham).

The Lodge was situated at the main gate on the right as you entered.

This picture c.1950 and it was demolished c.1960. ( Pic. Nancy Dicks nee King)

The entrance gate site of The Lodge in 2016. (Pic. R.Gooderham).

Hall Road

The cottages 2017.

Heath Cottage (rear view). c.1910.

L-R;- Emma, Mary Ann and Samuel Bligh.

(Pic. Anne Cooper)

Front view

Rear view

Pic,s Mike Fordham)

Heath Cottages, front view, April 2017 The view looking towards Hall Road, now Bligh Close. (Pic's R.Gooderham)

The Page family lived in the first cottage.

(All pictures from Robin Page)

Doris Page with daughter Ivy and on the right son Robin. Taken in 1960 and from the same location as the picture above looking towards Hall Road.

Albert Page with sons. Left Mike and right Noel. Doris with grandson Lesley in 1970


Albert's son David with his daughter Julie. (1970) Robin's son Craig in 1970.


The Laurels in 2017, home to the Bligh family in 1950's.

The Laurels. Laura and William Roberts with two cousins. (Pic. Ann Cooper).

The Bligh children in 1954.

L-R;- Pauline, Peter, Anne, David

and Ivy Page.

(Pic. Anne Cooper).

Cottage in Hall Rd. The left hand side is an extension and renovation of the old workshops . March 2017 (Pic. R.Gooderham).

Cottage corner of Hall Road and Burgate Lane.March 2017.