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Dannie Nicholas

Excellent photograph collection.

I was particularly pleased to discover the local links with authors Daisy Ashford and W H Barrett. W H Barrett has been one of my favourite authors all my life (because I am a fentiger too and write about the fens) and I am really sad that I missed meeting him..


Rodney Pearce

Wonderful pictures of All Saints church, excellent start, well done to the team.


Tony Haydon

Hi, I was wandering about the net idly looking for my ancestors (Drackett-Case). I really enjoyed browsing your site to find out about an area I have yet to visit. Keep up the good work.Regards Tony Haydon, Isle of Wight.


David Hewer

I found the site really good and informative. Well done


Jayne Bayliss

Hi, my Grandparents(the Worman family) ran the Royal Oak in the early 1800,s. I notice your photo is from 1897,was it being used as a pub then ? Are there any photos from my ancesters time? Thank you for your help.


Jill Day

we live at Old Hall Barn, Caistor St.Edmund....happy to send you photograph of current barn and for you to share any information you/we have of history


Graham Crisp

Very good site - interesting. One error - the masts on the CH stations were known as Towers. The latter were self supporting, masts were guyed. Source: Dobinson - Building Radar.


Juliet Webster

I had a look at your website which I thought was excellent. I wish I had known about it before I did my talk.


Liz Mann

I have perused all the extra material on the archive site and must congratulate you on all your hardwork,

it makes for fascinating viewing. So pleased you were able to make use of so much of the F.E. stuff


Isobel Wilson

Your website is fascinating, and a brilliant idea to gather up memories and photo's of village life.


Sarah Smith

So pleased to see the photos of The Homestead with the Todds in the garden. I was given a gift of an

autograph book which I believe belonged to Laura Todd. This is full of beautiful drawings and verses.

I think your web site is very good.


Carol Drake

I had a spell in the 'Brownies' at the Mission Hall approx 1952 can't really remember how long for However,

can remember learning how to tie the knots and 'tracking' we used to play, and a camp fire with sausages at

Carol Scales house(i think)on the street, i remember i loved to wear the uniform and polish up the shiny gold badge.

I have enjoyed visiting your website.


Barry Parker

As a someone who grew up in Poringland, but now living in South Africa. Thank you for all the photos and info.

Keep up the good work.


Eleanor Peasgood

Thank you very much. This website has really helped me with my world war two project. This is the website

I got most of my information from. It is a lot clearer to read than many other websites and very easy to understand. As I have

said already, Thank you very much. I will recommend this website to many other people.

From Eleanor , (Stoke Holy Cross Primary School. Age 11 )


Christopher Wright

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Bryan Joryeff


Barry Parker

In the recent Swan Public House photo Mrs Farrow is holding baby Colin Farrow in her arms. I am sure you can get all the names if you try. Keep it coming - especially Mr Hindles memories. Barry Parker


Adam Downing

Richard – thanks for the amendment.( Edmund's Forge)

I am the smaller Grandchild in the picture – so spent an awful lot of time in and around the village 75 – 95, and my Mother grew up in the village and resided there from the end of the war until the late 60’s.

I do have quite a lot of photos and memorabilia from the Edmunds businesses that may be of interest to your site, as I come across them I will pass on what I can.

Once again it’s a wonderful little site you have, you should be congratulated for maintaining a lovely little piece of History



Thank you for uploading, this was my home village, i come back now and then, and usually dont recognise it! so much development, and change, but great memories.Poringlannd archive is excellent work,


Has anyone taken photos of all the headstones from All Saints? If so, where would I find these.



Just wanted to say thank you as I have found the pages of headstones documented by the Poringland Womans Institute, I am so grateful for the information provided free. Thank you for being so generous.

Yes Thank you Richard,

I was very grateful to find that information. I am trying to do research without spending money .. Is that laughter I hear?

Thanks to your group and your pages I found 4 relatives that had previously eluded me.

Cant thank you enough.


Pauline. 1 Nov 2016


Dear Richard,

It is good to see the Poringland War Memorials' photographs and information presented together on one Archive page. It certainly makes a clear, detailed history for visitors to the website to follow.

As you hold your last Poringland Archive meeting of this year on Wednesday, I wish you and the members a very happy Christmas and a bright and healthy new year. 2017 will probably bring further changes in Poringland for you to record!

All the best,

Anne December 2016


A R Gooding

I have a keen interest in poringland as I consider it my home, even now, after 32 years absent! I note some of the photo credits are two of my old teachers, Mrs Malt, and a Mr Henson, science teacher at F.E.H? He lived in my road, so no bunking off school, (if its the same gentleman, he drove a saab v4, which had a very distinctive tone, so advanced warning was given, unless he was on foot:)I have memories I'm happy to share, and I'd love to know if you have any more photos of the annexe in long road, it was my first school and I was in the very last class to be 'stationed' there, before being moved to the then newly built classrooms at the primary school. We moved in 1985. My wife and I visit some years when we holiday on the broads, how its changed, quite a shock I have to admit when we first went back. Look toward to hearing from you, kind regards AR Gooding


Ralph Nickerson

Well done, All concerned,

Regards for now, and mind how yer go,

Ralph A. Nickerson

To see Ralph's memories go to Memories of Residents


Elsie Woodley__

West Australia

My 3x great Grandfather William Cattermole claimed in 1851 census to have been born in poringland but have not been able to find any records baptism etc if anyone can help would be grateful. I live in West Australia so can't get there myself

I have some details of a brother John as well but no birth year but could be older than William. I have had quite a time trying to find records, at one time I was informed that there were no Cattermole baptisms records from Banham. so far I have found 6 plus 2 deaths. I have tried Bishops transcrips with no luck so far, but not the address you have given me so will now try that. so thank you very much for the information. I would also like to congratulate everyone that has worked on your website it is the best that I have come across.

Regards Elsie


Kevin Balderstone

Sept. 2018


Rod Witham

Feb 2019



Ray Mayhew 31January 2020