Cogman's Forge

John Cogman, blacksmith, outside Queen Anne's Cottage in 1910, with his wife Emily and daughter Maggie. John was the 6th. generation of Cogmans to be blacksmiths here.

(Pic. John Cogman).

c. 1910 and John is seen here with his son William who took over the business and became the blacksmith when john retired.

(ALL Pic's. John Cogman).

William busy at the furnace in c.1915 .

John's wife Emily in the yard c.1910

1915, William on the right with two unknown helpers.

William's son Edward (Eddie) had already been apprenticed to Taylor's Forge in Poringland from 1922 and left there to start up in partnership with Bertie Woolnough as builders in 1934.

c.1915 William and helper busy shoeing horses .

William still busy in the early 1940's . William retired in 1944 and the smithy closed.

The old bellows.

The old forge as seen in 1950

c. 1965. (Pic. Joe Mason)

Sadly the building was demolished in 1970.

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