The bus shelter on Bungay Road 1983.

The bus shelter demolished in road accident. 13 Nov 1998.

Demolished by a car driven by a drunk driver in a borrowed car. Court refused compensation. Driver unhurt. A bronze plaque in the shelter read 'Presented by T. Colman Esq. 1956'

This replacement bus shelter was donated by N.C.C. in April 1999. It was modified and erected by Woolnough & Cogman Ltd. closer to the village.

Aerial pictures of Village

Looking West

Looking East

The WD Ordnance dump 1940's. (Pic. Eric Noble)

The scene 2020.

Church Farm 1964

Saint Mary's Church

c. 1920

Tower repairs. April 1988

March 2017.

Inside features March 2017

Mary Eastell, organist, retires after 50 years. July 1979.

L-R; Mary, Bishop Blackburn, Reverend Tillet, Howard Cresswell.

Village Hall

Construction of the Village Hall/Men's Room c.1900.

L-R; Joe Tubby, Zephania Eastell Snr, William Bracey, Ted Eastell, Herbert Eastell, ..Smith, Arthur Eastell, Rev. McNaughton-Jones, William Pettitt, Harry Pettitt, ..Ellis, ..Shingles, Joe Pettitt.

c. 1930

December 2021.

A new Parish Hall was built in the 1940's on a site opposite the old one.

Repaint of the Village Hall, July 1988.

L-R; Mick MacKenzie, Mac Keeler, John Fachon, Norman Hunt, Angus MacKenzie, Graham Dunthorne, Steve Matthews, Sally Matthews.

A further repaint took place in October 1998.

L-R; Angus MacKenzie, Dick Balding, Mary Lovelock, Eddie Lovelock, Graham Dunthorne.

March 2021.

The Village Hall, Village Sign and Road sign, which was salvaged from a skip.

Inside the Village Hall. December 2021 (Pic's Mike Fordham)

The Village Sign.

The sign was erected on 7th January 1989. Made by the inmates of Norwich Prison in their workshop.

Workshop supervisor, Paul McCrystal, flanked by Mary Eastell and her brother Frank at the unveiling.

The Village Pump - formally on the Common.

Moved to the Village Hall on the 15th September 1990. Attended by Mrs Violet Roy and Sam Dunthorne with Rev. Geoff Walker.

Retirement of Rev. Geoffrey Walker. May 1992

Arminghall Lane Jan 1979

Boxing Day, 26 December 1989, Dunston Harriers Christmas Hunt.

Village Show 1993

The Eastell Family. c.1904

The 17 members of one family lived in the stone cottage in front of the church.

Top Row L-R; Alfred, Harriet, Herbert, Fred, Richard, Mary, Zephania.

Middle Row; Zephania (Snr.), Eliza, William, George, Hilda, Harriet.

Front Row; Harry, Sidney, and laying down Edward and Arthur.

Bobby (Runner ) Drake. May 1967. A well known character in the village.

The Eastell family lived in the left hand cottage of the pair.

The effect the A47 Southern By-Pass had on the village.