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Stoke Hall and the Birkbecks.

For a history of the Birkbecks click here  by Michael Ranson.
All Pictures 1931, prior to sale. - Nick Elsey.
                                                                    Aerial view of the site in 1987. Looking east to west with Abbots Farm,
                                                                                          bottom right and Stoke church centre top.
Belgian refugees who were looked after at The Hall
in 1915. (Pic. Derek Bales).

Rosina Wright, lady's maid to the Birkbeck family,1893.
(Pic.Christopher Wright ). 


Mrs.Rosa Birkbeck (Wilson),with L-R; Theodora,William and Edmund.
                                              c. 1910

(Pic.s Christopher Wright.)



                                                                                                    Theodora                                                   Edmund,Theodora and William  c.1914

Watercolour painting of Stoke Holy Cross Hall by Geoffrey Birkbeck.91875 - 1954).
 Geoffrey was a prolific painter and had a book published 'Old Norfolk Houses'.