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Long Lane

Tagus Farm, as pictured in the 1919 sale of The Stoke Holy Cross Estate.


Pictured in Long Lane, 1947 are;-                                                             Phylis Lemon, Ben Lemon and
L-R, Fred Lemon (Tweedles,the dog), Charles Lemon,                                    Fred Lemon. c. 1930
Audrey Davey, Lew Lemon, Enid Mann.
Peggy Lemon, Daphne Prior and Brenda Smith.  
                                                                               (Pic's, Peggy Woods).

The playing field construction commenced in 1952.
 Studying the plans are L-R;- Mr. Hart, Roger Kidner,
Mr.W.Wheldon (Sec. P. F. Assn.),and Mr.M.Pullen.  
1st. June 1957 , Opening of the Pavilion and play area. The Children enjoying the 'Horse' ride are L-R;- Chris Baker,Patricia Starling, Christopher Nudds, Alan Chapman, Pauline Turner and Janice Smith, with Mrs. Peggy Woods supervising.  

Stoke F.C. 1935/36  located at Stoke Park.. 

L-R.;- Ken Garrod, Jack Harrold, Jack Timm, Bill Smith,
Geoff Baker, Ronnie Garrod, Don Farrow
George Durrant, Ken Howard, Lew Lemmon, Ben Lemmon, Les Hudson.
(Pic. Derek Bales). 


Stoke Wanderers F.C.  1957/58

Back Row L-R;-  Billy Goddard, Billy Matthews, Jim Prior, Ralph Woods, Arthur Tungate,
                            Lenny Goddard.
Front Row L-R;-  Derek Bales, John Anderson, Colin Feltham (mascot), Billy Workman,
 Bob King, Denny Bales

(Pic. Derek Bales)


STOKE - DUNSTON C.C. 1951 The year the club was founded.
Denny Skinner, Mike Rayner, Philip Smith, Derek Bales, Denny Bales,
Russell Francis, Jimmy Prior, Stanley Howell, Derek Skinner, Frank Stewart. 
Front Row L-R.  Alwyn Davey, Bob King, Arthur Fraser, Jack Turner.
March 1952, The Brickle Road pitch, on Kidner's meadow.
Back Row L-R. Lenny Goddard, Russell Francis, Denny Bales,                   (Pic's. Derek Bales)                                 New Pic's.11/10
Ernie Chapman, Geoff Balls, Rodney Clark.
Front Row L-R. Desmond Smith, Bill Workman, Bob King,
Derek Bales, Herbert Lemon.

STOKE - DUNSTON C.C. July 1970.

L-R;- Billy Goddard, Jim Prior, Peter Workman, Adrian Loades, David Sealey, Philip Butler.
 Neville Goddard, Lenny Goddard, Derek Bales, Arthur Nudds, David Butler,
(Pic. Derek Bales).  

                              The junction of Long Lane and Norwich Rd. after a deluge in c.1958.

The bridge at the Mill.      (Pic. A.Parker).

1977  the Silver Jubilee cake. 

L-R ;- Barbara Harold, Joy Clarke, Rachael Clarke. 

(Pic. Mike Fordham).

January 2015 and work begins on the new development
off Long Lane. (Pic. R. Gooderham).

Now called Watermill Gardens the scene in July 2015.
(Pic. R.Gooderham).

Opposite Watermill Gardens another development starts to grow.
'Salamanca'  March 2017. (pic R.Gooderham )