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Chandler Road

 Whiteford Hall farm as it was in c.1830, when it was known as "Douro".
This is the north west aspect.
Whiteford Hall ,farm, pictured in 1919 at the Stoke Holy Cross Estate sale.

Whiteford  Lodge pictured in 2012, later demolished and replaced with a house.
(Picture Richard Gooderham). 


This family and friends group, at Uplands Farm, was taken in 1939. (Pic. Derek Bales ).
Top Row L-R ;- Gwen Bales, Kate Bales, Peggy Froude.
Middle Row ;-  Clifford Reeve, Denny Bales, Cecil Barnard, Mary Bales.
Front Row ;-  Derek Bales, Raymond Froude. 

1939, Gwen Bales, Peggy Froude, Derek Bales and Ray Froude.


1940 in the farm yard. L-R;-  Ernie Bugg,Sid Bugg and Herbert Bales.         1942 and Herbert Bales is seen with his goats. (Pic's. Derek Bales).
  Uplands farmhouse in 1948. (Pic's.  Derek Bales).

Below, Lenny Goddard, Denny Bales, Herbert Bales.


New Pic. 11/10


                            Peggy Froude on farm horse 1945.
           Mary Bales (centre) and Derek Bales (right)  1940   

                         (Pic,s Derek Bales)

Geoff Cushions taking Guard 1950.


Denny Bales with the chickens 1948            Denny Bales with the farm horses 1941


Uplands Farm, 1949, Denny Bales with Major. (Pic's. Derek Bales).

Debbie Leggett with Archie at Uplands Farm 1968
(Pic. Derek Bales).


Kate Bales, Derek Bales and Herbert Bales 1952. 
(Pic. Derek Bales).

Lenny Goddard with his 1928 Austin 7 at Uplands Farm in 1953. (Pic. Derek Bales ). 

Further round Chandler Road lies Highfield Farm where the Kemp family lived.

Rhoda and Reggie Kemp with children Nancy, Colin and Malcolm. 1940.

                                                                                                                                                     Harvest time 1951. 
                                                                                                              Malcolm Kemp on the tractor and father Reggie seated on the binder. 

L- R ;-  Colin, Nancy, Malcolm and Reggie Kemp. 1951. 

                         Development site at Chandler Road.                                                        The site looking north
                                                                                   (Pic's. Richard Ggooderham).

                                                                       The scenes in Feb 2018.  (Pic's  R.Gooderham).

                                                                                  Progress at October 2018. (Pic.R.Gooderham)