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Upgate farm, pictured in 1947, was demolished to make way for The Whitehouse Gardens development. (Pic.Terry Spruce).


1962, Peggy Bragg (niece of Arthur Brooks) and daughters Myra and Rosemary.

       Aerial view of Upgate Farm c.1974 before clearing the site.                           No. 17 Upgate (the Old Lodge) the building bottom left
                              (Pic. Hayley Hooper)                 New Pic,s 28/1                                               in the aerial picture.  (Pic. R.Gooderham  Jan 2020)
Poringland House as it was in 1908, when Mrs. Birkbeck and her son, Martin,  lived there. 
This view was from the Bungay Road and now known as The White House. 
(Pic.Des Taylor).
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              The White House in 2012. (Pic. Mike Fordham ).

The Bishop of Elmham (Monsignor Alan Clark) consecrated the new altar
at the chapel of annunciation, at The White House, Poringland.
April 1973.
Monsignor Alan Clark would become the first Bishop of East Anglia 2nd.June 1976.  

The Lodge, The White House, home of Mr.& Mrs.Trendell in the early 1930's. The occasion was the monthly welfare meeting for mothers and babies.
L-R ;Mrs.Janice Rowe (née Spruce), Mrs.Elsie Utting, Mrs.Phyllis Herrell (née Cooper), Mrs.Clarke, Mrs.Wheeler Taylor, Mrs.Olive Hunt, Mrs.Eva Hardesty (née Gooch).
The little girl on the extreme right is Winnie Herrell, her mother is in the surgery, and the girl in the front is Joan Hardesty. (Pic.Doreen Howlett).



Percy Garrod, a stalwart of the cricket club, through the 1920's and 30's .
 Click here to see fixture cards and newspaper cuttings,reports from this period.
                                                    ( Graham Smith ).

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                                                                                                               Poringland cricket team c.1930. Alan Thetford (front 3rd.from left)
                                                                                                                            secured all ten wickets in a match - a club record.
                                                                                                                                                     (Pic. Jenny Thetford).

PORINGLAND CRICKET CLUB August 1939 at The White House ground.
Back Row L-R;- Padgett Page, Coach Driver, Rueben Davey,    ??    , Jack Hollis, Barney Rix, Beverly Ringer, Martyn Balderstone, Harold Parsons, Michael Mitchell,    ??   , Dennis Spruce, Mr.Mitchell, Ernie Davey, Mr.Philpott.
Front Row L-R;- Billy Betts, M.Cross, Geoff Hardesty, Dick Spalding, Frank Holmes, Mrs.Rix, Harry Balderstone, Vic Palmer, Freddie Cracknell, Leslie Gibbs, Bert Eastell.
(Pic.Geoff Hardesty).  

Upgate looking towards Hall Road, 1973. The old cottage in the distance is Ivy Cottage and stood where the entrance to Ivy Close now is.  (Pic.Des Taylor).


                                                                                                      Ivy Cottage in the winter 1985 and summer 1987. (Pic.David Tranter).

New Pic.4/11

                Mrs. Annie Ulph on her 3 wheeler cycle with 'Bob'. c.1920  She lived in this bungalow in Upgate.  (Pic.S. Wilson). 

Upgate in 1947 looking towards The Old Rectory. (Pic.John Mills).



 The Victorian, c.1880, post box situated
at the junction of Rectory Lane and Upgate.

(Pic. Mike Fordham).


Elizabeth and Robert Thurlow pictured at the front gate of their cottage in Upgate c 1890.
They were grandparents of Herbert 'Bob' Burrows D.C.M. of 3, Rectory Lane. 
(Pic Anne Barber ).


                                                                                                        JUBILEE PARTY 2012
                                                                                                          (Pic.'s Mike Fordham).

                                      It rained all day but despite the weather a good time was had by all. Well done to the organisers.