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Shotesham Road inc. Howe Lane

Church Farm c.1920. Another one of the cluster of old buildings constructed during the 1600's. (Pic.A.N.Other).
 House and barn are Grade 2  listed.
Church Farm pictured in August 2011.
(Pic. Richard Gooderham). 

Poringland Home Guard Ammunition Bunker. Brick and concrete standard Government building
is in the meadow behind Church Farm.  (Pic. John Hindle 2003).


                                                          The Grade 2 listed barn at Church Farm. (Pic. R.Gooderham  2015 ).


Internal views of the barn.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  is he

This barn, on the same site, is not listed.
 (Pic. R.Gooderham).  



                           Aerial view in 1994. (Pic. L.Fedden).

           Aerial view of Church Cottages 1982. (PIc.D.Tremlin).

Church Cottages built in 1693, pictured in 2010. (Pic.R.Gooderham).
 Grade 2 listed.
Gwen Bales and Lenny Goddard outside Church Cottages in 1951. 
  (Pic. Derek Bales).

1947 THE WINTER and pictured in Shotesham Rd 
is Mrs. Smy ,far left, and also with her son Gerald and villager Jimmy Herrell . (Pic's Gerald Smy).  

The old allotment site in Shotesham Road, prior to the
building of Meadow Way and Alder Close. 1st. May 1973

New Pic.  6/4

View from 1 Meadow Way, looking up Alder Close
 towards All Saints Church, 1979.
 (Pic. John Overton).

A familiar sight on Shotesham Road and Howe Lane during the 1960's and 70's.
Herbert Tubby, on the chair, in 1985, with his neighbour Reggie Blanchflower outside his house in Howe Lane. Herbert had an allotment on Shotesham Road (now Meadow Way) and would sell his surplus produce on the roadside. (Pic. Des Taylor). 
This picture was taken in Howe Lane in 1960. It shows the start of the Glenn Road developement.

Glenn Road  June 1979.

New Pic 6/4

Glenn Road 1986. (Pic. Adrian Fordham).


The view from the back garden of No.67 looking towards Carr Lane.
April 1951. Doreen Howlett with Lynn and Rae. 

(Pic. Lynn Gooderham)


"The Prefabs". Prefabricated bungalows built in 1946 to replace wartime losses.
 A view of the rear of no.67 in 1955. 
 Below is John Howlett with wife Doreen , friend Jenny Procter,
 and daughters Rae and Lynn.
   (Pic's. John Howlett).


 Clem and May Lincoln pose for this picture at the back of no.68.
 (Pic. John Howlett).


 View from the back garden of one of the 'Prefabs'. In the picture is Eileen Lemon and her brother Martyn. 

This picture is 1957 and the scene now would be Bellamy Way, Albion House and Baynes Close.(Pic.Martyn Lemon.)


The scene in Feb .2016,  Click picture to enlarge.

                                                     Bellamy Way further development in December 2016. (Pic. R.Gooderham). 

January 2020.

Meanwhile their father ,Albert, was busy hoeing the front garden. Albert had now retired from the army (see below) and was the village postman.  (All Pics. Martyn Lemon).
Albert Lemon (bottom row ,far right). would have been called "boy"                   Eight years on and Albert( front row 4th. from left) had risen to
                                                    as a bugler.                                                                      the rank of Company Sergeant Major.

Well kept garden in the mid 1960's.
  (Pic. Bob Tubby).

Shotesham Road in the summer of 1973 looking east towards Howe Lane.(Pic.Barbara Brown).
The next three pictures show The Prefab in 1996 and this temporary solution is still functional. 
They were demolished in stages during the late 1990's.
(Pic.Ruth Rising).
(Pic.Ruth Rising).

(Pic. Pat Hopkins).

                                               Prefabs are now demolished and waiting for the developers to move in May 2012. 
                        The massive development on the west side of The Street continues, via Carr Lane, to Shotesham Road.
                                                                                         All Pic's  Ray Fawkes.
                                               Aug 2013                                                                                           Sept 2013
                                           Sept 2013                                                                                               Sept 2013
                                            Sept 2013                                                                                             Sept 2013
                                              Oct 2013                                                                                               Oct 2013
                                           Dec 2013                                                                                                Dec 2013
                                             Dec 2013                                                                                                Jan 2014
                                              May 2014                                                                                          July 2014
                                    May 2014                                                                                                     Aug 2014
                                             Aug 2014                                                                                                Aug 2014

                                               Aug 2014                                                                                            Nov 2015

                                            Nov 2015                                                                                             Nov 2015

                                             Nov 2015                                                                                              Nov 2015

                                      Dec 2015                                                                                                    Dec2015


                                          Dec 2015                                                                                                 Dec 2015


November 2016.   (Pic's R.Gooderham)

                                                                                                       WEST VIEW
Houses opposite The Prefabs leading towards West View. 1964.
(Pic.Lily Gooderham).
West View--12 council houses built in 1921 on land bought from local farmer Mr. Kidner for £70 .
Outside no. 9 is Daphne Herrell in 1950. (Pic.Mrs.Daphne Aldous).
     West View, 'The Green' looking towards the new commercial                   The same scene in1922 when these children lived at no.9.
 development in Shotesham Road. July 2015. (Pic. R.Gooderham).            L-R;- Jack , Doreen and Steven Eastell. (Pic.Doreen Howlett).

Development complete !!    1/10/2019

 New Pic. 19/8
Ladies from West View enjoying a day out at ' Backs' bar off The Walk, Norwich. in 1953.
L-R;-  May Savage, Edie Herrell, Mrs Davy, Lille Davy and Joyce Davy.
 (Pic. Doreen Howlett).