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All Saints Church


All Saints Church Poringland is an ancient edifice of flint in the Perpendicular and Decorated styles, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch, north porch (later a vestry and now access to the Octagon) and a round western tower with octagonal belfry, stage containing 1 bell. The stained east window contains 4 lights of 15th. century glass. The font is octagonal panelled and enriched with bold sculptures of the symbols of the Evangelists

During the period 1861-1883 the church was repaired, a new south porch being added and the east window was opened up and the tracery restored. A new chancel arch was also erected, carved oak pulpit, reading desk and lectern provided. The interior walls of the chancel were refaced.

The register dates from the year 1560. 

 See also www.norfolkchurches.co.uk

 The only Grade 1 listed bulding in the village.


This sketch was drawn c.1845 by Robert Ladbrooke.



1858. Note the smaller porch,this was to be redesigned during the late 1800's
 The Beverly family was prominent in the village at this time living and working both Upgate 
and Church Farm. 

The church tower was extensively restored by H.Taylor in 1891. Click here for relative invoices.            

The  south side 1905. Note the change to the porch.

 (Pic.Herbert Johnson).



 The north side and village pond 1909. (pic. S. Aspin)

Dated 1911. (Postcard).

 The south side 1920. (pic.Geoffrey Balderstone) 



The west and north aspect 1958.( pic.Henry Pye)


The south side 1970. (Pic. R.Gooderham).


General views of the Church and surrounding area taken
 prior to the Octagon being built c.1971.


The new Octagon.

The west side in 2011, showing the Octagon and extension. (Pic.Richard Gooderham).

                                                                                                                            THE CHURCH YARD.
                                                In June 1981 the Poringland Womans Institute carried out a survey of the gravestones in All Saints churchyard.
                                                           This can be viewed on film/fiche MF1584/10 at the Norfolk Records Office SO/WI 106.521x4.
                                                             There is an index of names and details of any inscription (position of graves is not shown). 
                                                                                                                  Click HERE to see file


                                                                                                                                                                                                                For a history of this gravestone click Dalton

                                                                                                                                   (All Pic,s Mike Fordham).

The church originally had three bells but between 1827 and 1834 two were broken up and sold.The remaining bell, pictured here,was probably cast by Richard Baxter, a bellfounder at work in Norwich 1416-1424. (Pic.L.Fedden).




                          The Nave, 2010.  (Pic's. Mike Fordham).


 The East Window.  (Pic.Mike Fordham).

For more information about the windows click here


Pew ends.
 The centre picture depicts a figure on one knee bowing to another on horseback, this may represent St.Martin of Tours, a 4th. century Bishop, giving his cloak to a beggar. (Pic's Mike Fordham).
The Font. (Pic.Mike Fordham).
This wall hanging was made by the children and families of All Saints Church in 1984 - Church Heritage Year.
The families involved were;- Fitt, McLellan, Hems, Hudson, Tranter, King, Kirk, Goodyear, Newall, Corby, Cook, Bateman, Fordham, Wigg, Howman & Smith. 
(Pic. Mike Fordham).


Confirmation All Saints Church. Sunday January 19th.1986.
Candidates from All Saints Poringland, St.Andrews Framingham Earl and
St.Mary The Virgin, Howe. 
L-R;-  Rev. Brian Hems, ...., Emma Carpenter, Susan Carpenter, Lynne Whitwhead, Lisa Overton, Peter Wright, Les Berwick, Alexandra Turner, Helen Smith, The Right Reverend Peter Nott, William Hems, Sonia Barker, Sarah Goodyear, Doris Pearson, Jane Goodyear,
Peter Harvey. 

(Pic. Mike Fordham).

Mr. & Mrs. Percy Grice celebrate their
5oth. anniversary with Rev. Brian Hems.

The Church choir, early 1990's.
The men L-R;- Peter Harvey, Nigel Goodenough, Eric Elsegood, John Howman,
 Tom Smith, Derek Genders, Rev. Brian Hems.

The ladies L-R;- Margaret Elsegood, Audrey Genders, Margaret Musgrave, Monica Baldwin,
Nell Harvey (face hidden), Sylvia Hardesty, and at the front Eva King and Joyce Parker.
 (Pic. Mike Fordham)

1996 and the two Churchwardens retire, pictured with their wives are,
L-R;-  Mrs. Dorothy Berwick, Mr Peter Harvey, Mr. Les Berwick and Mrs. Nell Harvey. 

                                  (Pic. Peter Harvey).

Sadly Les Berwick died in 2011. Click HERE for an obituary.

                                                                          The Reverend Brian Hems Pic.Mike Fordham).
          The two war memorials which were removed from the Lychgate and placed in the church for safe keeping.  (Pic. Mike Fordham).

                                   The War Memorial in the Memorial Garden (formerly Leisure Garden).

                                Earlier Festivals  1987  click here.
                                                        1983   click here.

            The Flower Festival July 1st. 2000.  Millennium celebrations.  (Pic's. Mike Fordham).
                                                         The Flower Festival July 1st. 2000.  Millennium celebrations.  (Pic's. Mike Fordham).
Aerial view of the churchyard taken in 1970 before the street lighting and road widening had taken place.
Note the allotments on the left where Alder Close has now been built. 
(Pic. Susan Curson ).


October 2011 and the allotments have gone, also the house on the main street.
(Pic. copyright Mike Page ).
                     Summer and Winter 2010. (Pics. Mike Fordham). 
                                                                                   THE OLYMPIC PEAL  27 July 2012.
                                                                                                                      Graham Smith signals the start of the games. (Pic. Mike Fordham).
CHURCH HISTORY - click here to view a document about the church history
                                   Remembering the First World War 2014.   


                                                                            Displays in the Church August 2014 (Pic.'s Mike Fordham).


The Queen's 90th.Birthday

Images from the church celebrating the Queen's 90th. Birthday
                                 11th. June 2016.
                             (Pic's Mike Fordham)