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                                        Overview of Parish  (1)         
                              Overview of Parish  (2)

All Saints Church      new entry  17/3

War Memorial      New Page        20/11 . New Pic 20/9 , 12/2                           
Church Corner                         

Mission Hall, Bungay Road                              

Bungay Road              New Pic's 24/8         

Shotesham Road    inc. Howe Lane        New Pic.   6/3   ,19/3                    

West Green and Farm       inc. Decca Navigator station     New PIC's.  15/1   

Rectory Lane          

St. Mary's Road      

Upgate                          New Pic  6/3 

The Garage - was The Forge          New Pic.  9/3

The Swan public house        New Pic's     22/3
Tom King's farm at Church Close                                               
The Stores and The Homestead              New Pic's   19/3                

Elizabeth Road Estate                  
Carr Lane                             
The Street and Carr Lane Corner           
The Street - Norfolk Homes and Community Centre                                                

The Footpath          New Pic.  19/3                                            

The Street - East Place                                          
Sunnyside Avenue            

The Royal Oak                        

The Royal Oak - Events            
The Street to the Fiveways Roundabout   New PIc  5/2                  
 Fiveways and Roundabout           New Pic's  15/1

Stoke Road  inc. Mill Close, The Ridings          

Stoke Road / Caistor Lane DEV.                             

Norwich Road       inc. The Ramblers   See also Framingham Earl.  New Pic's  26/3                              
Poringland School            New Pic's  5/1                                 
Poringland School - Classes           New Pic 23/8                            



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