Memories of Residents

In this section we have attached memories etc. of residents, past and present, and un-edited when possible. 


 Amy Thetford  (Teacher Training)              

    An interview with Amy Thetford (Wartime)      1990
A letter from Mrs. Sinclair        2009
Memories of Peter Buller       2011      
  School Memories by Dennis Buck        2012
         Wartime Schoolboy Memories by John Hindle        1995
              Bomb damage letter mentioned by Percy Garrod           
                     Memories of Derek Bales              2013

                 More Memories of Derek Bales         2013


                                                                                                      Memories of Arthur Tungate  Part 1              New  15/10

                                                                            Memories of Arthur Tungate  Part  2            New  15/10

                                                                            Memories of Arthur Tungate Part 3              New  21/1 

The following memories etc. of John Hindle are extensive and may repeat certain items.
However they are well worth spending the time to read and digest.
                            Location of Installations (2) Maps are in (1)

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