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Railway Tavern


                             Origin of Name                  

 see Distict Transport                                                    

The Railway Tavern. Situated in the parish of Framingham Earl and this picture shows the locals in c.1909. (Pic.R.Gooderham).
Mrs. Howe, landlady of the Railway Tavern, and pictured C.1904. (Pic. Herbert Johnson).

Mrs. Howes' granddaughter, Adelaide Utting. (Pic. L.Winterbone.)


1920, and another of the Chapman's Series. The Post Office is the first house down Pigot Lane. The next building is the Forge. At some time this had also been used as a Magistrates court and the Methodists chapel. Mr.George Thrower was the last blacksmith to have worked there and it is now a private home. (Pic.M.Balderstone).

Boys salute the cameraman on their way to school in c.1925. (Pic.John Wiggett).
                       The scene in 2014. (Pic. R.Gooderham).


Before and during the 2nd.World War, in the upper storey of the pub, in the area along Pigot Lane, they used to hold boxing matches. They were so popular that on occasions the main road had to be blocked off. A passing car snapped these regulars waiting for the pub to open in 1946. (Pic. John Howlett).

This picture c.1947 (Pic Nick Parry).  
Note the' black out' porch over the main door. 


                                                     1953, Coronation Day and fancy dress is the order of the day.(Pic's A.Parker)
           Dick Sturman and
 Reuben Davey.

Far Left,    Dick Sturman, Mrs. Blanchflower and Alan Parker.                                         


                                             Dick Sturman and Mr. Elliot

 DIck Sturman, Mrs.Elliot and
Alan Parker.

Frank Taylor waiting for opening time. Mid 1060's.
(Pic Mary Mallett).

1983. After being empty for some 4 years at last a renovation of the building has commenced. (Pic.R.Gooderham).


          Joe Spruce eagerly  awaits the refurbishment. 1983                                   Joe gets his first pint from landlord Les Barton.  

1986 and the new look Railway Tavern has been open for busines for 2 years under new owners Les & Peggy Barton. (Pic.Mike Fordham).


1993 and more changes. Major road works outside the Railway Tavern as the long awaited construction of the roundabout gets underway. See Poringland Fiveways. (Pic.R.Gooderham).

August 2003.

August 2017 and more upheaval as the water main is replaced.
        (pic. R.Gooderham).