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Pigot Lane

Looking down Pigot Lane in July 2013. (Pic. R. Gooderham).
Compare with the picture, below left, taken in 1920.
Close up of this aspect. 


Scene in 1920, compare with above picture. 

Looking down Pigot Lane in 1920.Starting with The Railway Tavern,        Looking across at the same scene in 1993.(Pic. R.Gooderham).
The Post Office,The Chapel Gates and The Forge. The Chapel is
set back from the road.

The Post Office, now Hill House, was kept by Mr. Josiah Chaplin from 1854 and was then passed to his daughter Anna in about 1892.
She and her sister kept the Post Office and Telephone exchange until the mid 1920's until it moved into The Forge, next door.
Mr. George Thrower, blacksmith, became the Sub Postmaster.
Before the war it moved to a bungalow at, the then, no. 3 The Street (now no.5). Mr Charles Spruce was the Sub Postmaster.
In the early 1960's it moved to Oaklands Farm on Norwich Road and was finally redeveloped there in 1980.

                      The Post Office at The Forge.  c.1928 
  Above, Kenneth Thrower outside the Post Office and Forge in Pigot Lane.
Left, George Thrower with his daughter Nancy centre with the two village postmen 
Mr. Harper and Reggie Press.  (Pic's Dorothy Bundock nee Thrower).

The old enamelled Post Office sign replaced
by the now familiar red plastic lozenge.
(Pic. R.Gooderham). Nov  2015.

 George's business card , note the telephone number.
Mr George Thrower and son Kenneth outside The Forge in 1933.        

       The scene looking towards the roundabout in Pigot Lane.                                                     The Old Forge.
                                                                              July 2015.  Pic's  R. Gooderham.

           The Old Chapel and it's history.(Pic. Hazel Allen).
Click on any picture to  ENLARGE.
             The new Chapel in 2012.
               (Pic's. Mike Fordham).

The Friday Luncheon Club is held at the chapel and was started
 in 1986.The first day's volunteers are ;- L-R,  Nell Harvey,
Jenny Herne, Peggy Emms and Violet Pye
               (Pic. Peter Harvey.) 
                                  Team 1 in October 2013.                                                Members enjoying their Friday lunch, October 2013.
           L-R ;- Janet Smith, Emilie Kenward, Sylvia Loosely,
                     Ann Fordham and Maureen Pollard.                        (Pic's  Mike Fordham).
 Continue walking down Pigot Lane about 250 yards and on the right is a wooden five barred gate, just at the back of the houses. In the meadow land ,to the left, is a small copse. On closer inspection you will find that this is a redundant well (see picture below) .
 There was never any residential building nearby - so why the well?
The land was owned by the Christie family who lived at The Manor House in Framingham Pigot - some 3/4 of a mile away. The well was naturally fed by a spring, and being higher than the Manor House, the water was then piped to the Manor House , gravity fed water on tap for the family.
                                (  Pic's Richard Gooderham.2012 ).

This same site has been chosen for the new East Anglian Children's Hospice.
         (Pic's. R.Gooderham). Dec. 2016.

Entrance to the site June 2017.
Some ground work begins.

                                                     The sign goes up and the ground works begin in earnest.  15th. November 2011.
                                                                                                    (Pic's Richard Gooderham).
New Pic's 27/1

                                                                      Aerial pictures December 2017.  Pic's Mike Page)

                                                                      The steel work starts to go up January 2018

                                                                                                      February 2018.

                                                                                                      March 2018

                                                                                                      May  2018

                                                                                                     June 2018

                                                                                                        July 2018


                                                                                           August 2018

                                                                                                October 2018

                                                                                                  November 2018.

                                                                                                December 2018.

                                                                                                       June 2019

       Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge opens The Nook.
                                            November 15th. 2019

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Opposite the gate to the field above is the old school garden and playing field.
All that remains is the gate leading to the garden - left. (Pic.Liz Mann 1998).

                                                           The gateway and field in 2014, prior to residential development.

The signs go up. Jan 2015. (Pic. R.Gooderham). 

Ground works start in June 2015.  (Pic's. R.Gooderham).

                                                                         The site, below, pictured in December 2015. (pic's R.Gooderham)



                                                               The site below pictured in March 2016. ( Pic's R.Gooderham.) 



The site looking from the north side (Poringland Wood).
                            (Pic. R.Gooderham).

                                 The view looking east from the cul-de-sac's in Oaklands Estate.      (Pic's R.Gooderham).

                                                                             The site pictured in the autumn 2016

                                                                                   (Pictures Richard Gooderham).

                                                               Entrance and the new footpath to the roundabout. November 2017.

         View looking west. January 2018. (Pic. R.Gooderham)

Looking west in 2020.
(Pic. R. Gooderham).  


                       The walnut tree planted  in 1953 by the parish council to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.