Football in the Village

                                      Poringland Football Club  1909/10

 T.Hewitt, Wheeler Taylor, Joe Critoph, Ernie Phipps, H.Alwin, B.Powell, Frank Taylor,
 Barney Baker.
                                      J.Johnson, H.Eastell, B.Taylor, F.Taylor.
                                                Wesby, Cecil Taylor, 'Self'


Mr.W.Page,Ted Foulger, Harry Greensides, Herron, Jack Greensides, Mr.Lambert. 
               John Horne, Jean Brett (AKA Moore) , Teddy Press, Steward, Steven Whiting.
                                       James Brett (AKA Moore) , Sonny Taylor.


Billy Fuller,....?...., ....?...., Victor Kemp, Wilfred Spruce, Neville Thetford, Jack Greensides,
                                      James Brett (AKA Moore) ,  Zephania (Shunter) Eastell.   
               Jean Brett (AKA Moore) , John Horne, Teddy Press, Donnie Lambert, Steven Whiting.


Billy Fuller, ....?...., ....?...., Jean Brett (AKA Moore) , Wilfred Spruce, James Brett (AKA Moore) , Steven Whiting, Zephania Eastell,
 Victor Kemp, Neville Thetford, Teddy Press, Jack Greensides, Harry Drake.

                                                                    About 1932 ?

                                George Cole, Money Wilson, Philip Tubby, Ginger Bailey.
                     Philip Tubby's cousin, Martyn Balderstone, Fred Smy, Cocky Crickmore.
                                  Charlie Burrows, Reuben Davey, Stanley Balderstone.


Noel Spruce, Cyril Moyes, John woods, Bunny, Frank Spruce, Baker minor,
     ....?...., Harold Palmer, Teddy Press, Harry Drake, Stephen Whiting. 


Dick Spalding, Len Goddard, Charlie Burrows, Ted Tubby, Ronnie Farrow, Les Berwick,
                                      Jimmy Wilson, Harry Balderstone.   
                 Billy Pitt, Billy Edmunds, Billy Workman, Jack Eastell, Freddie Pitt.


Dick Spalding, Ben Smith(FA), Dick Sturman, Fred Pitt, Len Goddard, Ronnie Farrow,
                   Stan Halliday,  Frank Keeble, Jimmy Wilson, Albert Piggin(FA).
                              Billy Edmunds, Jack Hollis, Ted Tubby, Jack Eastell.

                                                                                                                         Team not known but the opposition on presentation day.


G. Dyer, Dick Spalding, Malcolm Partridge, Brian Spruce, Ken Sidell, Roy Parker,
                            Arthur Tungate, Ray Froude, Fred Parker.
         Ashley Elwin, Donny Spruce, Neville Downing, Pat Nolan, Graham Tubby.

                                 Presentation at the Norwood Rooms. 1962/63

John King, Terry King, Russell Hindle, Colin Farrow, Pat Nolan, Chris Harrowing, Richard Gooderham,    Ray Cushing, Lenny Goddard, Keith Harrowing, Neville Goddard, Bruce Cunningham.


Tich Cunningham, Chris Harrowing, Chris Burrows, Colin Farrow, Max Elwin,
                       Malcolm Partridge, Brian Buck, Fred Parker.
  Robin Page, Bruce Cunningham, Neville Downing, Michael Wright, Neville Goddard.


Peter Dyndal, Dick Spalding, John King, Brian Spruce, Terry Timm, Chris Harrowing, Roy Parker, Ray Abendroth, Russell Hindle, Keith Davey, Brian Buck, Fred Parker.

Barry Drake, Ronnie Parker, Chris Burrows, Keith Harrowing, Colin Farrow, Max Elwin, Richard Elsey,   Malcolm Partridge, Charlie Burrows.

Grahamme Tubby, Huby Rayner, Robin Page, Bruce Cunningham, Neville Downing,
  Michael Wright,  Neville Goddard.

                                                                                  1965 .1st. Team and presentation

                                                                                  1965. 2nd. team and presentation

Back Row L-R;- Malcolm Partridge, Martin Dawes, Andy Forder, David Larnder, John Causton,
Paul Noble, Terry Waterson, Tommy Greensides.
Front Row L-R;- Trevor Farrow, Stephen Moon, Jon Moon, Daryl Rose, Paul Nolan, Gary King. 

Sunday 1st. team 1986/87.
Back row L-R;-  A.Carr, G. Springall, S. King, D.Thomas, J. Causton, T, Farrow,
and manager Tony Porter. 
Front row L-R;- A.Carpenter, N. Murray, T. Waterson, A. KIng, A. Dawes.

Saturday 1st. team 1989.
Back row L-R;-, Manager J. King, linesman John Leech, S. Calton, J. Causton, J. Llyod, A.Carr,
D. Rush, P. Campbell, Sec. A. Minns, M. Partridge.
Front row L-R;- M. Skipper, A. Fowler, A. King, A. Dawes, T. Leech, T. Waterson.

Saturday Reserves 1991.
Back row L-R;-  P. Campbell, D. Petitt, A. Kirk, G. Purling, R. Beevor, K. Harrowing,
D. Harris, J. Keeler, A. Forder.
Front row L-R;- D.Casey, T.Waterson, T.Woolner, J.Moon, D.Larnder, D.Rose, M.Skipper.