Caistor St. Edmund - Old Village



Saint Edmund's Church from a sketch by Robert Ladbrooke c.1845
 Grade 2 listed.
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October 1976. The church tower had been totally restored.
The cost was £5700 and fund raising had been on going since 1959.

 St. Edmund's church in May 2010. (Pic. Mike Fordham).
St. Edmund's Church in August 2011, after modernisation.
(Pic. Richard Gooderham).
                               THE CHRISTMAS TREE CELEBRATION 2012. (Pic.s Mike Fordham & Richard Gooderham ).
Caistor Saint Edmund War Memorial. In rememberance of the fallen in two World Wars. 
(Pic. Jane Goodyear).


                                                                                                         Walter Ellis - no information found.

                                        J. Derek Corbould- Warren was a cadet at Sandhurst and died in an accident  there. Technically not CWGC. (Info D.Tranter).
                                                                                                               See also 'A Village at War'

The dedication and unveiling of the war Memorial situated at the entrance to the church yard. 
(Pic's. Jane Goodyear ).


This picture of The Old Hall was taken in c.1909. (Pic. A.Postcard).
 Grade 2 listed.


                                                                                                                                       In September 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

Caistor Old Hall - Rear view ?

Caistor Hall (west side) c. 1920. This beautiful Georgian House is set in 30 acres
 of woodlands and gardens,and is a Grade II listed country property dating from the early 19th. century. 
The property was built for the Dashwood family. 
Mrs Harriet Dashwood owned all of Markshall and nearly all of Caistor St. Edmund in 1945. 
She was Lady of the Manor and patroness of the church. 
The Hall has been used as an hotel and country club since 1947. 
(Pic.'s Jane Goodyear).
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 South side c.1920.

Two views taken from the sale catalogue of 1944.


1940/41. These evacuees from London spent time at the Hall.
L-R;- John Eels, Robert Cheese, John Cross and Mary Cheese.
  (Pic. John Eels)   

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        The west side in September 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).                                    The north side in September 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).


                                                   The Village Fete was held on the lawns. These pictures c.1960. 

    The Post Office pictured 1920. Now known as Jubilee Cottage. (Pic.Caroline Page).
                                                                                                                                           September 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

            Cottages next to Jubilee Cottage. September 2011.
                                      (Pic.Mike Fordham). 
Queen Ann's Cottage, pictured in c.1920. 
Built by Benjamin Cogman in 1725 with The Forge next door. (Pic.Caroline Page).
 Grade 2 listed.
                                                                                                                                        September 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).


1928 and these lads stop to pose for the camera at the Caistor/Markshall cross roads.
L-R;- Bob Turner, Billy Fuller, --- Durrant, Sydney Greensides, Jack Greensides, Billy Bales,  
not known , and Harry Greensides. It must have been a sunday, their only day off ! (Pic.Caroline Page).


                                                                              Three views of Markshall Bridge dated 1917. (Pic's  Geoff Daniels).


A water pump in the early 1900's which would have been found on the marshes around Caistor St. Edmund. (Pic.A.Postcard).




1999. Aerial view of AWA new water pumping station at Caistor St. Edmund.

                                                                                            CAISTOR ROMAN CAMP.

Aerial view of the Roman Camp showing the street layout - June 2009.
(Pic. copyright Mike Page). 


                                                                                                                            The south wall, September 2011. (Pic. Mike Fordham).

                                                                                     Excavations of the site 1934.

Looking across the site  February 1973.


Part of the walls Nov.1997.

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New  2/9

The latest dig Summer 2019, in Temple Field.
(Pic. Mike Fordham.)