Documents of Local Interest

'Tourist' Views    1818     An extract from a book 'Excursions Through Norfolk' by Thomas Cromwell, dated 1818.
Stoke Holy Cross Estate sale 1919.    Auction of the Birkbeck Estate, October 1919.  (Doc. presented by Nathan Stork).
Map for 1919 sale.    Copy from Adrian King.
Stoke Holy Cross Hall Estate sale 1931.   Auction of the residue of the Birkbeck Estate, July 1931. Hall and Gardens demolished 1936. (Doc. Ray Elmer).
Caistor Hall Estate sale 1944.    Auction of the Rev. Corbould - Warren estate Sept.1944.  (Doc. Paul Chapman)
Sand and Gravel Charity.     Summary of events.
Poringland Advertiser 1974.   The first advertising leaflet for the area Nov.1974.
Norfolk County Council Election 1955.   John Howlett local candidate.
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